Minya governorate farms face drought conditions
Irrigation Minister Mohamed Abdul Muttalib - YOUM7/Maher Iskandar

CAIRO: A drought looms over a swathe of Minya governorate following a lack of irrigation water for more than 10 days, according to Youm7.

Although Irrigation Minister of Mohamed Abdel Mottleb said in a press statement on June 2nd that the irrigation department achieved the needs of all sectors that using water, for the last ten days farmers and land owners in Minya have not had enough water in a 5,000 feddan (equivalent to 5190 acres)  area.

Gamal Mahran, a Minya resident, told Youm7 water levels failed to reach normal levels sufficient to irrigate.

Small canals throughout the country had been developed at a cost of 238 million EGP ($ 33.285 million) to help in irrigating lands, the Irrigation Ministry stated in a June 2 report on its website.

The report said 40 percent of New Asyut Weirs have been completed in a project to improve the irrigation system in five governorates including Minya, Asyut, Beni Suef, Fayoum and Giza, at a cost of 4 billion EGP.

Additionally reporting Hassan AbdelGaffar.

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  1. Ahmed Kamel
    June 6, 2014 at 1:01 pm

    Why? We use the Nile and not rain???

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