Amr Rabie family demands medical exam after alleged prison abuse
Amr Rabei - Photo Courtesy Of Amr Rabei Official Facebook Page

CAIRO: The family of detained student Amr Rabei, 21, has demanded he receive a forensic medical examination for his dislocated shoulder, with his mother Sanaa Beheiry claiming he received the injury because “he was subjected to severe torture while in police custody.”

Speaking to The Cairo Post Friday, Beheiry said her son was reported missing on March 11, and then his name appeared on a list of suspected Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis members.

The list was rejected by some of the families of the suspects, who told The Cairo Post that their relatives on the list are victims of forced disappearance and not terrorists, as described by the “fabricated charges” on the list.

Rabei reappeared in police custody on May 17, and officials reported he was taken from his home on May 16. But, Beheiry said this cannot be true, as he was reported missing in March.

“How come he was apprehended from home, when since March 11 I repeatedly reported him as being kidnapped by police officers?” she asked.

“Since May 18, we frequently requested prison authorities refer Amr to forensic medicine since we knew about his shoulder injury, yet he was not examined,” she added.

Beheiry previously told The Cairo Post that she heard Rabei was at Azouly prison, a military prison in Ismailia, during the period he was reported missing.

“Rabei was subjected to torture in Azouly where he got his shoulder dislocated,” she claimed.

“Neither we nor his lawyer are allowed to see him during our visits to Akrab Prison; we only talk to him on the phone,” Beheiry continued. “He told me that no one came to examine his arm, even though many requests were submitted in this regard.”

She also said that she’s only allowed 15 minutes with her son during prison visits, though she is supposed to have 45 minutes.

Beheiry is worried that her son’s condition could worsen if he is not treated, and blames authorities with any complications that might befall her son.

She also said she requested to delay Rabei’s current year of college “as he will not be able to make it this year while being in prison.” Rabei is in his junior year at the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University.

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