Cairo, Giza brace for Sisi inauguration
Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: All security institutions have been on high alert in order to secure the inauguration ceremony of president-elect Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s Sunday morning, said Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim to MENA Saturday.

“The Ministry of Interior and the Armed Forces will impose an iron fist to guarantee the security for this patriotic event in a civilized way,” Ibrahim added.

The Supreme Constitutional Court is being decorated for Sisi as he will swear in before the court members; the municipal council is trimming the trees and the red carpet laid on the ground, an officer from the police forces securing the court told The Cairo Post.

As for the number of the security forces assigned for securing the court, the source said the numbers of forces is classified. He noted, however, there would be a human cordon around the court.

Giza governor Ali Abdel-Rahman told Youm7 Saturday there is cooperation with traffic police to secure the inauguration ceremonies all over the governorate, and his office is negotiating with private companies to broadcast the ceremony on screens on the streets.

Security forces will be intensified at archeological sites, such as Giza pyramids, for the visits that might be paid by the international delegations came to attend the inauguration, the governor continued.

Cairo International Airport on high alert as well to receive heads of state leaders and delegations who will attend the inauguration, airport authorities told Veto website.

Fixed and movable booths deployed in the airport to prevent any infiltration attempt; police dogs and defectives deployed as well in anticipation of any explosives, the authorities added.

In Television and Radio Union headquarters (Maspiro) prepared to telecast the inauguration ceremony via planting ten cameras in the court, and more than 35 cameras inside Ithadeya and al-Qobba palaces. Maspero has also allocated three outdoor broadcasting cars, al-Bawaba news reported.

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