Live updates: Presidential oath and inauguration ceremony
A banner for the Abdel Fatah al-Sisi before the Supreme Constitution Court headquarters where he swears in - YOUM7

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi took the oath of office Sunday, a national holiday for most Egyptians, after being announced the winner of the presidential election last week with over 96 percent of votes.

Here are the live updates:

14:20- Sisi and Mansour sign official transfer of power.

14:20- Sisi says Mansour a “patient, wise president” who loved the homeland.

14:15- Sisi thanks Saudi king for calling for donor conference.

14:10- Sisi begins his inaugural speech: “It is a great honor to be the president of Egypt.”

14:10- Mansour speech: Egypt cannot be broken as God gave it a conscious people.

14:05- Mansour to Sisi: the Egyptians chose you in free and integral elections, trusting your patriotic role in preserving the homeland

14:05- Mansour speech: After a year of ruling Egypt, I transfer the country to Egypt’s new president.

13:15- Artillery at Ithadeya fire gun salute to welcome Sisi.

12:50- Military helicopter drops Egyptian flags over celebrating crowds in Tahrir Square, reports Youm7.

12:40- Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani sent President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi a cable of congratulations on the presidential oath, according to Qatar News Agency.

11:45- Sisi arrives at Ithadeya palace.

11:45- Prime Minister Mahlab, Pope Tawadros II, Al-Azhar Sheikh arrive to Ithadeya presidential palace to witness power transfer to Sisi.

11:30- Sisi supporters celebrate in front of the Constitutional Court.

11:20- President Sisi departs oath room, expected to head to Ithadeya presidential palace.

11:15: Sisi recites oath of office: “I swear to protect the republic , to respect the constitution and the law, to fully safeguard the peoples’ interests, and to safeguard the state’s independence and territorial integrity.”

11:10- “June 30 is a revolution of people’s feelings, it is not a coup,” says Samy.

11:05- Constitutional Court chairperson Maher Samysays today an “immortal day” for Egypt as Sisi is inaugurated

11:00- Oath ceremony begins with recitation of Quran verses.

10:45- Sisi enters oath room.

10: 14 – Sisi arrives at Constitutional Court in Maadi.

10:00- Interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and other court members arrive at Constitutional Court.

9:45- Nile corniche closed to traffic by Constitutional Court in Maadi.

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