Brothers Without Violence to form new alliance against MB
Muslim Brotherhood supporters during a protest - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Brothers Without Violence Movement announced  the establishment of an alliance that combines dissident Muslim Brotherhood members in several Arab countries to counter the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB) international organization, according to the Movement’s Saturday statement on Facebook.

“The new alliance aims to launch a new international entity that will be able to confront the MB’s international organization as well as to abort its attempts to spread chaos in the Arab countries,” the statement read.

The movement said that it held talks with the Zamzam Initiative; a Jordanian moderate movement that had split from the Brotherhood,   in order to launch an international entity able to  halt any movement that “ignites  sedition among the sons of one homeland.”

“The establishment of the new alliance aims also to correct the image of Islam through coordination  with the rest of the dissident MB members  in Kuwait, the UAE, Yemen, Turkey, Libya and Saudi Arabia,” the movement’s spokesperson, Hussein Abdel Rahman told Al-Watan newspaper Saturday.

According to the statement, the movement will hold a conference in Cairo soon to discuss the steps needed to counter the influence of the MB’s international organization.

“We will coordinate with the ‘Change’ movement in Kuwait, ‘Reform’ movement in Yemen and “Banna’s grandchildren” in UAE within the coming days in order to form a front against the Brotherhood’s international organization,” said Rahman.

He added that “the movement is scheduled to hold a press conference June 20 to announce the establishment of the new anti-Brotherhood international entity.”

Leading member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Mohamed al-Sisi commented on the statement saying, “This movement, launched by the youth who had split from the MB and called for the withdrawal of confidence from the Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, is a fake movement.”

He also condemned Egypt’s security and intelligence services for backing such a movement.

Farid Ismaiel, FJP member said that the movement aims at dividing the MB members and killing their will and revolutionary spirit, according to Masrawy website.

The Muslim Brotherhood was designated as a terrorist organization Dec. 25 by the Cabinet, and many of its leading members were arrested and are standing trial on charges of killing protesters and inciting violence. Loyalists to the group rejected the legitimacy of the interim government, and had said they would boycott the presidential elections.


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