Interior Ministry: students accused of leaking exam answers arrested
Thanaweya Amma students - YOUM7/Emad Abdel rahman

CAIRO: Students were arrested Monday after allegedly sharing answers to theCertificate of General Secondary Education (CGSE) exams – Egypt’s equivalent of the SATs – on Facebook, reported Youm7 Monday.

Deputy-head of the Interior Ministry’s general directorate for information and documentation, Brigadier-General Mohamed Abdel-Wahed told Youm7 a 19 year-old student from Cairo’s northern district of Shubra Al-Kheima was arrested in possession of the computer he allegedly used in transmitting the answers to this year’s secondary school matriculation exams.

On Saturday, photos of answers to the Arabic language test of the CGSE circulated and were shared online on social networking websites during the three-hour exam period, which began at 9a.m.

Several examination papers were leaked on social networking websites during the past few years. Students usually sneak their mobile phones into exam classes and use them to take photos of the exam sheets during the first 15 minutes of the exam, send them through Facebook and Twitter and receive answers.

Android applications are being made to facilitate cheating during the upcoming exams, a CGSE student who asked to remain anonymous told The Cairo Post.

“Exam monitors search us looking for mobile phones but we hide them,” she added.

Official sources at the Education Ministry said that monitors in several classrooms where exams were taking place have been sacked over responsibility for the test pages being photographed and leaked.

Education Minister Mahmoud Abu El Nasr confirmed the authenticity of the pages that were circulated.

“Hundreds of smart phones were allowed in by exam room monitors in Egypt’s Delta governorates of al-Daqahliya and al-Gharbiya,” Abu el-Nasr told Al Ahram.

The Thanaweya Amma is series of standardized tests in Egypt that serves as the entrance examination for Egyptian public universities thus it is a source of panic for Egyptian families as it determines a student’s career.

In this year’s Thanaweya Amma, more than 480,000 students are currently taking the exams nationwide.

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