Ethiopian FM: Sisi, Hailemariam will hold summit meeting within two weeks
Grand Renaissance Dam - AFP

CAIRO: Regarding how far the political will is available by both sides for achieving this new shift in relations, the Ethiopian foreign minister added that actually there is a political will by both sides.

He uncovered that an agreement was reached during his meetings with president Sisi and Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy regarding re-launching the political dialogue, involving also Sudan.

This dialogue, he added, had been launched in Khartoum but was suspended for sometime. Now, he added, it will be resumed.

The Ethiopian top diplomat noted that president Sisi has driven home a very positive message to Addis Ababa at their meeting in Cairo.

He held that president Sisi has complete faith that the problem between both sides could be settled.

Answering a question on the view of his country regarding statements by president Sisi to the effect that the Nile water is a source of life and that Egypt understands Ethiopia’s right to development, the Ethiopian top diplomat said that his country actually understands this stance and that both sides could handle the problem. President Sisi, he noted, when he was speaking about “mutual interests”, he was using the same discourse Ethiopia is adopting. He further highlighted president Sisi’s remarks that he will not allow the Ethiopian dam in question to be a source of problems between both sides.

He regretted some reports that Ethiopia seeks harming Egypt via building the Renaissance Dam on the Nile. He explained that Ethiopia has never and will never harm Egypt’s interests– uttering the last phrase in Arabic.

He warned that those who spread such reports are seeking to undermine relations between Egypt and Ethiopia. He underlined the necessity that the two countries should be united and settle any problem through dialogue.

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