4 acquitted of protest law charges, anti-protest law events scheduled
Mahienour el-Masry - Photo courtesy of free mahienour official facebook page

CAIRO: Four people arrested while protesting in solidarity with jailed socialist activist Mahienour el-Masry on May 24 were acquitted Tuesday, according to activist Mona Seif.

Opposition and activist groups organized several events in June against the infamous 2013 Protest Law under which Masry and hundreds of others have been arrested.

“[The government] did not hesitate to issue the regulations needed to protect its existence, like the protest law that penalizes demonstrations whilst the authority came to power through mass popular demonstrations,” the Free Mahienour Facebook page said in a statement June 8.

On behalf of opposition forces, Free Mahienour has set a list of events up until Masry’s appeal session on June 28. Masry has been jailed since May 20, when a two year sentence was upheld against her and seven other activists, including Loai Kahwagy and Omar Hazek. They were charged with illegally protesting in December 2013 in solidarity with Khaled Said.

The series of events began June 9, when activists and bloggers tweeted under a hashtag that translates “We are the voice.”

However, the hashtag did not resonate as people on social networking websites were reacting to a video showing a naked, heavily bruised woman being rescued after being subjected to shocking sexual assault in Tahrir Square.

A press conference on detainees’ conditions in Egypt is scheduled for June 12, and its location is yet to be determined.

On June 14, a march is scheduled to call for the revocation of the protest law and the release of detainees.

Lawyers will hold a protest outside Manshia Court in Alexandria on June 16 in solidarity with Masry, who will be facing yet another case that dates back to March 2013, when former President Mohamed Morsi was still in power.

She and Khawagy are charged with attempting to raid a police station while protesting the arrest of another activist. A judge withdrew from the case in May.

The Free Mahienour Facebook page also called on people to attend a court session on the constitutionality of the protest law on June 17.

An “international day in solidarity with Egyptian detainees” is scheduled for June 21, where people are expected to protest outside of Egyptian embassies abroad.

The Free Mahienour campaign also said it will announce a large event before Masry’s first appeal session of her two-year sentence on June 28.

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