Woman dies due to fatal medical mistake
Medical staff member - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Heba al-Ayouti, 35, died Tuesday after a fatal mistake by a doctor, who injected her with caustic material formalin instead of ICCM (Iodine-containing contrast medium); the radiographic dye uses to scan ovaries, according to Youm7.

This fatal mistake was by a radiologist doctor at Maadi’s Nile Badrawy hospital, who meant to scan her ovaries but injected her with a chemical that damaged her internal organs and leaving her in pain for days before her death.

“She [Ayouti] screamed in pain after being injected and the doctor assured the pain was normal,” Ayouti’s husband Mohamed Al-Sayed said in a phone interview on ONTV channel. “The radiographic dye caused her such pain.”

He said when his wife continued to scream hysterically, the doctor told her family that she had a panic attack and denied injecting her with any material.

The doctor then started to worry and asked her family to leave the hospital, Sayed said and that “the hospital refused to take any money from the victim’s mother, who took her out of the hospital without registering any data to prove the incident.”

Ayouti’s family then took her to Al-Nakhil Hospital next morning after her health condition deteriorated without knowing why.

In Nakhil hospital, two surgeries were assigned to save Ayouti’s life but they failed, Sayed added and her family decided to transfer her to Germany on June 7 to rescue her. But she did not survive and died on Tuesday due to the first doctor’s intransigence and his fear to admit his mistake and responsibility.

This incident is not the first of its kind: On March 31, talented Egyptian scriptwriter Nadine Shams died at the age of 41 in a hospital due to its negligence. She initially went to remove a cyst from her uterus and hoped to recover but died due to medical negligence.

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