Five portfolios allocated for women in new government: Sources
Former Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court Tahani al-Gibali - YOUM7/Dina Romeiah

CAIRO: Women will have strong and powerful participation in Ibrahim Mahlab’s new government, who is allocating portfolios for five women leaders in the Cabinet, official sources told Youm7 Wednesday.

Women proved they are capable of strong participation in society and taking leading positions, the sources added.

Mahlab did not task former Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court Tahani al-Gibali with leading the Justice Ministry as Gibali expected, she told Misr Day.

Gibali told Misr Day that Mahlab considers contesting the parliament elections through an electoral alliance that would become President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s “political quarterback.”

Former interim President Adly Mansour issued a new law for parliamentary elections that copes with the new constitution. The law allocates more than 12 percent of the House of Representatives’ seats to women, Albawabh reported.

A draft of the parliamentary elections law was announced on May 24, which raised the number of parliamentary seats from 508 in 2012 parliament to 630 seats.

Additional reporting by Hend Mokhtar.

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