1 killed in Friday protests
pro-MB protestors burning car tires and tree branches in Ain Shams - YOUM7/ khaled kamel

CAIRO: One police officer was killed Friday in the area of Basatin in Cairo after he was shot during attempts to disperse a pro-Muslim Brotherhood protest, according to a statement by the Ministry of Interior.

The statement added that the deceased officer, Ahmed Shalaby, was shot in the chest, and security forces swept the surrounding areas to get the defendants involved in the killing.

Another officer was injured in Sharqia governorate during the dispersal of another pro-Brotherhood protest, after allegedly being shot by a protester who was carrying a weapon, according to Youm7.

Tens of people were injured during clashes between residents of Hadayeq el-Maadi and pro-Brotherhood protesters after both sides used knifes and sticks, while residents in Basatin exchanged throwing rocks on pro MB protests.

In Waraq, residents also clashed with people in MB protests after the protestors chanted anti police and army slogans.

Furthermore, pro-MB protestors also blocked a road in Ain Shams by burning car tires and tree branches, ONA reported.

In Haram neighborhood, few MB members fired flares and fireworks on a mosque and surrounded it, during the presence of Yasser Borhami, vice president of the Salafist Call, according to Youm7.

They chanted slogans against Salafist Call vice president calling him “atheist” and “traitor.”

Borhami was in the mosque with other Nour party leaders to attend a marriage contract signing ceremony, and later told Youm7 that some pro-Brotherhood  protesters attacked some who were in the mosque, but ran away when the police arrived.

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