Anan will officially declare new political party
Sami Anan - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Retired Lieutenant General Samy Anan will soon officially declare his new Arabism Egypt Party and seeks to run for the upcoming parliamentary elections, Al-Arabiya reported.

Party media spokesperson Mohamed Farag said the party will be officially declared at the end of June and will appreciate any number of collected endorsements until then.

In Thursday statement to Al-Wafd party, Anan said that he seeks to form a political party that allows him to run for the parliamentary elections.

Anan said that they are about to finish collecting endorsements to form a political party throughout Egypt’s governorates and that they aim to help Egyptian citizens in all villages and cities to discuss their problems.

There are several talks with other parties who are considering merging with Arabism Egypt Party. There are already other parties that are politically and electorally connected, Anan added, asserting that the party is still studying these talks and will settle during the next few days.

On Feb. 17, Anan declared his intention to run in the past presidential elections in a press statement but on March 13, he announced he will not run in the presidential elections during a press conference.

Anan decided not to run to thwart the plans of conspirators working against Egypt: “I am in the same trench with the Egyptian people to defend their rights.”

Anan said he collaborated with members of the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) in the aftermath of the January 25 Revolution to maintain stability in Egypt.

According to al-Watan website, Anan held meetings during the past week in a number of governorates to settle on the party organizational structure and to make sure to complete the official number of endorsements of 5,000.

Several media outlets claimed that during the past few days, former Intelligence Chief Mourad Mowafy met with Anan to join the Arabism Egypt Party. But Mowafy denied these claims in a Friday statement, saying that he did not meet Anan since six months ago and did not attend any meetings to discuss political coalition, according to Sada El-Balad.

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