3 sentenced to life for Copt murders

CAIRO: The High Security State Court sentenced Sunday three men to life in prison, and two were sentenced to 7 years on charges of killing four Coptic Christians in 2010.

According to investigation conducted in 2010, in addition to the murders, the defendants were accused of inciting violence against police personnel and forming illegal group called “The Force of Loyalty and Disavowal,” in 2004, Youm7 reported.

Another defendant was sentenced to 10 years in prison in absentia, and 19 were acquitted in this case which is publicly known as the cell of Zaytoon, a neighborhood in Cairo, where the defendants were arrested.

In Sunday’s trial, a defense lawyer Mostafa Nasef pleaded that imprisonment of defendants is unconstitutional, saying that his agent was tortured by the State Security forces, before being dissolved  after January 25 Revolution.

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