‘Marriott Trial’ final verdict to be given on June 23
Al Jazeera journalists During monday trial - YOUM7/Maher Iskandar

CAIRO: The Cairo Criminal Court decided Monday to hand down its final verdict in the trial of Al Jazeera journalists on June 23 over charges of inciting violence, committing terrorist acts and falsifying news in the case popularly known as the “Marriott Trial.”

The 20 defendants include four non-Egyptians: Australian Peter Greste, Britons Dominic Kane and Sue Turton and Rena Netjes from the Netherlands. The latter three are being tried in absentia.

During the trial session Monday, the court sentenced a policeman to 24 hours in prison for smoking inside the court room.

One of the defendants, Mohamed Fahmy, objected to statements made by his defense lawyer, Anas El-Beltagy, after Beltagy spoke about the Muslim Brotherhood and its history and role in the community. Fahmy interrupted him saying “we are not defending the MB here.”

Fahmy, the Egyptian-Canadian Al Jazeera correspondent was allowed Monday to leave the court dock and address the court. He said there was no evidence against him and that he did not know any of the detained students on trial in the case.

He also said that after studying the presiding judge’s history and trials, he was confident a just ruling would be made. “I’m sure you are a righteous judge,” Fahmy said.

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