Elshamy: I was tortured during imprisonment
Reporter for Al-Jazeera Arabic Abdullah Al-shamy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Al Jazeera journalist Abdullah Elshamy said Tuesday he had been tortured in his detention cell and that he would not “waive his right,” after he was released for medical reasons, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Elshamy was given a release order by Attorney General Hisham Barakat  Monday evening for medical reasons, as well as 12 others charged in the same case. They were arrested during the Rabaa dispersal on August 14, 2013.

After Elshamy ‘s release on Tuesday, he asked journalists to back him up and support him in fighting “corruption and tyranny.”

Despite the fact that Elshamy was released, he is still on hunger strike. After his release on Tuesday he said that he has been on strike for 149 days, although he was released on the 148th day of his strike.

“Today is considered a strike day by the way,” Shamy’s wife Gehad posted on her Facebook account Tuesday.

“They are preparing for a party at Gehad’s house, who joined him in his hunger strike to welcome him before transferring him to a hospital for his check-up,” Shamy’s mother said upon his release, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

“Abdullah ElShamy won, he won after 10 months of injustice, hunger, isolation, and lies,” his brother said on his Facebook page June 16. He hoped the rest of the detainees are released including Mohamed Sultan, Mahienour el-Masry, and many others.

A total of 12 others prisoners received a medical release along with Shamy. The other 12 are Mohamed ElSawy, Mahmoud ElShazly, Khaled Abdel Razeq, Abdel Qader ElHamady, Mohamed ElAshry, Mahmoud Mahmoud Sallam, Mohamed Ahmed, Ibrahim El-Shafey, Moaz Arafa, Moustafa Gomaa, Yasser Abdellatif, and Yahiya Hassan.

“I was imprisoned for freedom … and I was not released earlier because it is a political issue,” Mohamed el-Sawy told Cairopotal website Wednesday.

“There are other detained prisoners … it is a battle of freedom,” Shamy said in Tuesday press release.

The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) visited Elshamy and political activist Mohamed Sultan last week, the latter who is still in prison until now, after news of their deteriorating health conditions became public, according to NCHR member George Ishaq in a press statement.

On May 14, Elshamy leaked a recorded video from his cell: “I have requested several medical checkups from independent sources but this has not yet been provided.”

Despite Elshamy and Sultan’s deteriorating health, the June 30 fact-finding committee established by interim President Adly Mansour in January 2014, visited Shamy on June 5 and released a report saying he was in good health.

These claims were denied in a statement published on the Freedom for the Brave movement’s Facebook page on June 9. They said that Sultan’s family found him in critical condition when they last visited him.

Head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) Hafez Abu Sedaa called on the government on June 9 to immediately release both detainees due to their critical health conditions, calling on Barakat to immediately send a medical team to inspect them.

Sultan is still in custody but Elshamy and 12 others received a medical release.

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