Statue of King Tut at Karnak damaged by mistake during renovation
Karnak temple - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A statue of Tutankhamun at  Karnak temple was unintentionally damaged during a renovation process carried out by an Egyptian team of archaeologists, Al Ahram reported Tuesday.

A group of archeology enthusiasts visiting the statue said that following the unintended damage, the archaeologists, attempting to cover up the incident, have covered the statue with white cloth for further notice, reported Al Ahram.

The group claimed that the renovation was carried out without official authorization and called on the Antiquities Minister to open an investigation into the incident.

The 15-meter-high sandstone statue of Pharoah Tutankhamun (1334 B.C – 1325 B.C) has been under restoration since August 2013, Luxor local tour guide, Rena Abu el-Wafa told The Cairo Post.

She added that the restoration of the statue seems “unjustified,” adding that it was in a good state of preservation compared to other statues, pillars and shrines within Karnak temples.

“The statue is located nearby the sanctuary of Karnak temple and represents Tutankhamu seated beside another statue of Goddess Mut, the spouse of God Amun-Ra according to ancient Egyptian mythology,” Wafa added.

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