June 24: Three winning movies of Qabila Short Film Festival at Tahrir Lounge
Tahrir Lounge slogan - Photo courtesy of Tahrir Lounge official facebook page

CAIRO: Tahrir Lounge Goethe will display three winning movies that participated in Qabila’s second Film Festival for Short Movies on at Tahrir Lounge Headquarter on June 24 at 7:00 p.m.

The first movie is called Gallery by Mohannad Diab, followed by Khayal al dell” that came second for director Ahmed Foad and then the third movie “Matloob Mowazafa Hasenat al-Mazhar” meaning (A good looking employee required) by director Dina el-Hawary. All three winning movies are about tolerance and accepting one another

Qabila film festival was organized by Qabila Media Production Company and Tahrir Lounge I May with the participation of 484 short films from 66 different countries.

Tahrir Lounge Headquarter,

5 El-Bostan Street, Mid town, Cairo

Free entrance.

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