Security deployed to halt pro-MB demonstrations in Cairo
Egyptian Security forces - YOUM7/Hazem Abdelsamad

CAIRO: Security forces deployed Friday morning in Cairo and Giza governorates in anticipation of pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations.

The National Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy, which rejects the July 2013 ouster of Mohamed Morsi, called Thursday for its supporters to demonstrate in the coming week starting Friday, naming the week “Egypt is not a military camp.”

The Alliance urged in its statement, published on its official face book page, that its supporters need to start boycotting and deleting the state-owned channels from their TVs.

In the southern Cairo district of Maadi, a march headed from El-Sahaba Mosque to surrounding areas; protestors chanted against military and raised the four-finger Rabaa salute, indicating solidarity with protesters forcible dispersed by security forces last August.

In Mohandiseen, Giza governorate, an alliance protest blocked the road in front of Shooting Club and shot fireworks, but  the protest was dispersed after security forces arrived, reported Youm7.

Central security vehicles spread around the Simon Bolivar Square near downtown to prevent any protests from entering Tahrir Square, in addition to two rapid deployment forces centralized in downtown near to Mohamed Mahmoud Street and near to the square.

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