10 Morsi advisors referred to disciplinary council for graft
Gaber Nassar, President of Cairo University - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Ten presidential team members of former President Mohamed Morsi were referred to disciplinary council by the president of Cairo University Gaber Nassar for receiving salaries from both the university and the presidency, Al-Watan reported Thursday.

Some of the advisors, who are concurrently professors at the university, were not approved by the teaching board to be assigned in another job, said the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Cairo University Mahmoud Kbeish.

“This is the main accusation as according to the law; each member of the teaching board should be approved first before assuming a second job beside his main job,” Kbeish told The Cairo Post Friday.

Al-Watan also reported that the accused former team members were under investigation for “financial and administrative corruption.”

Kbeish further noted that in case the professor will be full time – assigned in another job, he should be approved and not receive any salaries from the university. While for the part time professors with second jobs, they can still receive salaries from their university but also must be approved.

Nassar’s statements about referring the professors to the disciplinary council came during a Thursday press conference on the occasion of the end of the academic year.

Although the advisors will be referred to the prosecution within two days, he mentioned that former Morsi advisor Pakinam el-Sharqawi is only being investigated for inciting violence, and will not be referred to public prosecution as her assignment procedures are correct.

While for Advisor Seif Abdel Fatah, he is being investigated for accepting gifts in violation to the law, according to Nassar.

He added that the members of teaching boards at the university who are pending cases will receive half of their salaries, while for those who are convicted the salary will be halted.

The university had also suspended 89 students due to involvement in violence acts inside the campus, Nassar said during the conference.

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