Conflicting news over deaths in MB’s demonstrations
MB’s demonstration today - YOUM7/khaled Kamal

CAIRO: The Muslim Brotherhood continued their weekly demonstrations on Friday across Egypt governorates amid conflicting news about deaths of their supporters amidst clashes with security forces.

One security sources told Youm7 that two Brotherhood supporters were killed and four were injured in clashes between them and the residents of Marg’s district in Cairo, adding that 53 members were rounded up across governorates Friday.

Head of the Egyptian Ambulance organization Ahmed el-Ansary denied to Youm7 the fall of any deaths among the Brotherhood, pointing out that there are some injuries in Haram district in Giza.

The Ministry of Health announced in its statement that there were no deaths on Friday, referring to the injury of 17 in Cairo and Giza.

The Muslim Brotherhood demonstrated on the second Friday since President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s inauguration on June 8.

The demonstrations were mainly focused in Cairo at the districts of Marg, Matareya, and Ain Shams, where a remarkable percentage of Brotherhood members live, Youm7 reported and that two were killed in Marg and three were shot, while two injured in Matareya.

Three were reportedly injured in Giza at Bolak Dakrour, two of them due to gun shots.

Security forces dispersed their demonstrations in Alexandria, Port Said, Damietta, Fayoum, and Minya.

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