CIHRS, YNHR say Yemen should be more serious regarding human rights
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CAIRO: The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) and the Yemeni Network for Human Rights (YNHR) said they are concerned with the “seriousness of Yemen’s intent to implement Universal Periodic Review’s recommendations” in a press statement of theirs issued on Saturday.

The Yemeni Government accepted UPR’s recommendations on January 2014 of the review of human rights situations in Yemen.

The two human rights organizations said that an international, independent, fact-finding commission should be formed to investigate human rights violations in Yemen. The statement said they demanded the committee to be international and independent to guarantee its accountability.

UN Yemen representative Ali Mohamed al-Bagour said during the session of the Human Rights Council of the United Nations on Thursday that Yemen accepting 166 recommendations out of 191 is considered to be a positive act towards the Universal Periodic Review. He said it reflects true tendency towards protecting and preserving human rights, according to, a Yemeni news website Saturday.

According to the two organizations, the Yemeni Government took no action towards implementing the 166 recommendations accepted in January. During the UN session for reviewing the adoption of the UPR’s recommendations in Yemen in Geneva on June 19, Yemen’s UN representative only attended the session without the presence of the Yemeni Minister for Human Rights or any other related ministries.

Bagour said due to the deteriorated situation in Yemen over the past five months, it was not applicable for Yemen to review the remaining 25 UN recommendations at the second UPR to improve human rights situations in Yemen. The country committed to recommendations adopted in the UPR in Jan.

Yemen accepted 125 of 142 recommendations during the first UPR in September 2009, the two organizations said that this act is “worth nothing” unless there is a real action of implementation to the recommendations.

CHIRS and YNHR called for stopping attacks on journalists and media to end the repression of freedom of expression forms and stopping political arrests in Southern Yemen. The two organizations called to add articles to the constitution to prevent such violations and to give people a real guarantee that the outcome of the national dialogue will improve human rights. The state must end armed conflicts and fight terrorism in terms of international principles.

YEMEN: Rhetoric To Reality in Geneva on June 19 was organized by CIHRS and YNHR and the Danish Institute for Human Rights. The participants emphasized that Yemen should take serious steps to imply its commitment to the UPR recommendations; these must include serious investigations in the violations that took place in 2011 as the government has been unwilling to bring those responsible for murdering thousands of peaceful demonstrations. This can take place through and independent international fact-finding committee that can help bring justice to the victims.

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