Napoleon’s artillery found in Alexandria wreck
Collection of artillery discovered in Alexandria - YOUM7

CAIRO: Underwater archaeological excavations in Alexandria revealed firearms that belonged to the navy fleet of Napoleon’s mission to Egypt (1798 – 1801,) Tourism Minister Mamdouh el-Damaty told Youm7 Sunday.

During its ongoing excavations on the northern side of the Pharaoh’s Island in Egypt’s Mediterranean city of Alexandria, the Russian underwater excavation team found sets of 18th century guns, rifles and cannons, said Damaty.

“The findings might have belonged to a French boat named Le Patriote, part of Napoleon’s fleet during the French Expedition to Egypt in 1798,” he added.

Mohamed Mostafa of the Antiquities Ministry’s underwater archaeology department told The Cairo Post that based on the preliminary examination of the found objects and the ship, it probably crashed against a rock, and the contents of the ship fell through the hole as the ship sank.

He added that the findings were transported to the restoration laboratory at the Grand Egyptian Museum to be studied.

From the fourth until the tenth century, Alexandria was hit by several earthquakes and tsunamis which affected the city’s archaeological sites including the lighthouse, Fathy Khourshi of Minya University’s Tourism Faculty told the Cairo Post.

“Arabs were the first to take serious steps towards the renovation of Alexandria’s damaged monuments including the lighthouse,” said Khourshid.

Alexandria was the capital city of Egypt during the Greco-Roman Period (332 B.C-395 A.D.)

The underwater excavations that have been carried out by several foreign missions since 1960s revealed a “tremendous amount of monuments, including well-preserved statues of the Egyptian goddess Isis, the god Hapi, and an unidentified Egyptian pharaoh placed by the entrance of the Library of Alexandria,” Abdel Halim Nour el-Din, former head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, told The Cairo Post.

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