Security forces thwart jail break attempt at al-Moskki police station
prisoners families in front of al-Moskki police station - YOUM7

CAIRO: Security forces thwarted a jail break attempt at al-Moskki police station Tuesday morning, several media outlets reported.

The reasons behind the violence remain unclear, however a number of detainees allegedly assaulted a police officer at the station during an inspection, which led to security forces firing gunshots in the air to force them back to their cells, a security source told al-Masry al-Youm  Tuesday.

He added that one of the detainees had a cell phone that he used to call his family who came “rushing” to the police station.

Youm7 reported the cause may have been a reaction to a proposed detainee transfer.

An eye witness told Youm7 that security forces arrested two people on an unlicensed motorcycle when they were passing by the station, one of whom assaulted one of the officers.

Security leaders at the Cairo Security directorate went to the police station to control the situation, and a rapid intervention unit, as well as additional forces, provided backup.

Dozens of the detainees’ families gathered at the station, resulting in clashes between security forces and the families. Forces fired gunshots in the air to disperse the crowd.

Security forces fired tear gas inside the cell to prevent the detainees from escaping and no injuries have been reported, a family member of one of the detainees said, despite the fact that the mother of “Eid E.,” a detainee inside the station,  told Youm7 that her son called her to say a number of the detainees were injured during the fray.

Families chanted against the Ministry of Interior, requesting to check on their sons before they leave, al-Masry al-Youm reported.

Security forces sealed the roads leading to the police station, in addition to the arrival of central security vehicles after the amount of family members around the station started to increase.

The crowd began to dissipate after a detainee’s relative who had been allowed inside informed other family members that the prisoners were fine.

Cairo Security director Ali al-Demardash said Tuesday that security authorities are investigating  the incidents, reported al-Bawabah news website.

Additional reporting by Abdel Rahman Sayed, Azouz al-Deeb and Alaa Radwan.

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