Australians call for boycott of Egypt Tourism over jailing Greste
Screenshot of fake hacked website Media Blog created against Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority

CAIRO: Dozens of Australian citizens took to the website of the Consulate-General of Egypt in Sydney and called to boycott Egyptian tourism in reaction to Al Jazeera’s Australian reporter Peter Greste sentence of seven years in jail.

“I’ll not be travelling to your country, buying your produce/products, and I will be encouraging others to do the same. BOYCOTT!! Your justice system is a joke, not only for the journalists, but for the citizens,” boycotter Simon wrote on the Egyptian Consulate-General webpage.

“It seems the real conflict here is between Al Jazeera and the current Egyptian government, with #PeterGreste stuck in the middle,” Andrew A. wrote.

Many other online social media users were in rage over the news, which is expected to continue at a high level in many international governments and even reached Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority’s Twitter account.

“Journalism is not a crime. I will NEVER visit your country unless this wrong is righted,” Sol Hog tweeted.

The U.K.-based Media Blog went further and has mocked-up a new website for the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority and highlighted the verdict and a picture of Greste behind bars.

“Hi @LoveEgypt, I’ve had a go at redesigning your homepage. Feel free to use this. No charge…,” Media Blog tweeted.

Greste, along with other two Al Jazeera reporters Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed, were sentenced to seven years over charges of assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Greste’s parents, Australian Prime Minster Tony Abbott, and the U.S. government slammed the sentence and vowed to keep fighting until Greste is released.

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