Cairo, Suez and Damietta prepare for Ramadan
Cairo Cleaning and Beautification Agency, Cleaning campaigns - YOUM7/Mustafa Al-Said

CAIRO: Cairo Governor Galal Saeed instructed the Cairo Cleaning and Beautification Agency to intensify cleaning campaigns especially around mosques and gathering areas during Ramadan, Egynews reported Wednesday.

The governor also encouraged citizens to ration their energy consumption and asked them not to hang electric decorations, adding that officials will remove all unlicensed decorations.

He added that big plastic bags will be made available for the purpose of collecting trash from charity iftar (breakfast) tables, known in Egypt as “Mawaed al-Rahman.”

Officials will also take necessary measures to light the streets by deploying 12 maintenance teams to fix any malfunctioning lighting poles daily especially on main roads, touristic areas and roads leading to historical mosques, Egynews reported.

Governor of Suez, Araby el-Sarwy, assigned cleaning authorities to carry out trash removal cycles more than once daily during Ramadan, Youm7 reported.

During his meeting with the governorate executive council, he directed them to remove any obstacles from the roads and organize traffic.

Governor of Damietta, Mohamed Abdel Latif, also ordered to concerned authorities during a meeting Wednesday to follow up on markets, bakeries, and electricity plants during Ramadan, Youm7 reported.

He also stressed to executive bodies on the importance of removing any unlicensed buildings or obstacles on agricultural lands.

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