Suggestion of installing cameras inside Egyptian prisons
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CAIRO:  Installing cameras inside prison cells could be invasion of privacy, head of Arab Penal Reform Organization Mohamed Zarea told Youm7 Friday.

He said monitoring prisons and detention places is activated in many countries around the world to guard the facilities and secure them against any violations towards prisoners.

Zarea said it is difficult for Egyptian authorities to agree on installing security cameras everywhere and at the same time care for the sake of prisoners’ privacy rights.

He said all cameras inside prisons will be under the management of prison officers, pointing out that awareness of human rights must be increased.

One human rights lawyer stressed that improving situation inside prisons will only need political decisions.

An official at United Group of Attorneys at law Negad el-Borai, legal advisors, and Human Rights Advocates called for the importance of installing security cameras inside prisons, detentions, and police stations, Youm7 reported Friday.

Borai said they presented this suggestion to previous Minister of Interior Habib al-Adly more than once but the ministry did not want to apply the mentioned system.

He said many countries offered grants to establish the monitoring system to decrease the claims of torture and to stop using this tool as a form of punishment or to get confessions.

“We monitor traffic, why now prisons too,” like other European countries, he added.

The recommendation of International Day to Support Victims of Torture to install cameras inside police stations and prisons should be considered, executive director of Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Tarek Zagloul told Youm7 Friday.

He said covering all prisons in Egypt will be expensive since there are 44 central prisons, in addition to places of detention.

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