Mahlab proposes installment plan to pay for power-saving bulbs
Ibrahim Mahlab, Egypt's Prime Minister - YOUM7/Ahmed Ramdan

CAIRO: Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab proposed Friday reducing the price of power-saving light bulbs and allowing citizens to pay for them in installments added to their electricity bills, Youm7 reported.

Mahlab, in a visit to a fair exhibiting products made by civil organizations in Maadi, said that he would discuss the replacement of regular bulbs with power-saving ones with Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker, as part of a bigger plan to solve Egypt’s power shortage issue.

He added that the government would fund civil organizations and small factories to help encourage people to participate in the initiative.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s presidential campaign was the first to launch the initiative by distributing power-saving bulbs for free.

“Changing old lamps with new energy-saving bulbs in Egyptian households would save 4,000-megawatts of electricity,” Sisi said in an interview with a number of media personalities on May 3, adding that the saved energy could save millions of pounds that could be used for other subsidies in the state budget.

Several ministries and government institutions previously agreed to use power-saving bulbs in their buildings.

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