Military intelligence ends another seized truck crisis in Libya
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CAIRO: State television said Friday that military intelligence has for the second time ended a crisis involving seized Egyptian trucks in Libya, Youm7 reported.

Brig. Gen. Alaa Abu Zaid, head of Matrouh Military Intelligence and Reconnaissance, said Friday afternoon that his office had ended the crisis of 50 seized trucks and their drivers. Abu Zaid said that the drivers are retrieving their official papers and cell phones after they were first seized by a Libyan militia in Ajdabiya, northeastern Libya, a week ago.

A Libyan paramilitary force first seized the 50 Egyptian trucks last Saturday, increasing the total number of seized trucks to 300 after the road was cut off and Egyptian trucks were first held on the Benghazi-Ajdabiya road.

“The trucks were seized because these militias were not paid on time by the Libyan government and they requested the release of Libyan prisoners in Egypt,” Abu Zaid told Youm7.

In another incident June 20, Libyan militants seized 20 Egyptian trucks and 60 drivers in Ajdabiya, Tahrir reported.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly called on Egyptian citizens not to travel to Libya in light of the security situation there. Egyptian citizens in Libya have also been warned to be cautious and not to travel outside their residences or workplaces, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Facebook page.

In case of emergency, the Foreign Ministry has asked Egyptians to call the following phone numbers:

Phone number of the Egyptian Consulate in Benghazi: 00218927392009

Phone number of the Egyptian Embassy in Tripoli: 01115030005

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