Libya buries slain prominent activist
Salwa Bugaighis took part in the revolution that overthrew Gaddafi - AFP

CAIRO: The body of a prominent female activist has been buried in the eastern city of Benghazi a day after she was gunned down in her house.

The Friday burial comes as Benghazi police spokesman Ibrahim al-Sharaa said that the only witness to the killing of activist Salwa Bugaighis has been found dead in the hospital.

The witness was a guard at Bugaighis’s house who was shot in the leg by attackers before they stormed inside, stabbing and shooting Bugaighis.

Mourners carried her picture while women dressed in black wept in grief at the funeral.

Bugaighis was killed after casting her ballot in Libya’s parliamentary elections, hoping to bring stability to the country after three years of turmoil.

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