Live Updates: Ithadeya bomb blasts
One of injured people near Ithadya palace - YOUM7/Islam Osama

CAIRO: A number of bombs exploded near the presidential palace of Ithadeya, as security forces were trying to clear the areas from threats. Two police officers died while attempting to diffuse the bombs with bomb squad experts, and nearly ten people were injured.

20:50: Attorney General Hisham Barakat has received reports about the initial investigations of Monday’s bombings.

17:20: Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim earlier today accused the Muslim Brotherhood of today’s blasts, and assured the continuation of a war against the group. He called the group terrorists.

16:14: Surveillance cameras at Ithadeya palace revealed that four persons dressed as cleaners planted the bombs on the central island surrounding the presidential palace.

The health ministry announced in a statement that two were killed and 13 injured from the blasts.

14:04: Police Hospital received three injured police officers and five recruits caused by the Ithadeya explosions.

13:53: Security sources at national security sector, fighting Internet crimes, and documentation administrations in the Ministry of Interior took quick action to collect documented information about the incident. The two administrations are tracking down the statements broadcasted by Ajnad Misr claiming responsibility for the bombings, claiming they announced their plans three days prior.

13:48: Ajnad Misr group announced their responsibility for the Ithadeya bombings that took place, Sky News reported.

13:34: Bomb squad experts started wearing protective suits and combed the trees and the middle island gardens for potential explosives.

13:29: Security measures intensified in Cairo International Airport after the Ithadeya bombings. There were threats from terrorist groups to target public properties in Egypt. Airport sources said every car entering the airport is being searched carefully, checkpoints inside the airport increased, and the revision of names of people arriving and leaving are intensified in case of arrest of any suspects.

13:21: Security forces diffuse another bomb.

13:08: General Prosecution launched investigations into statements published by militant group Ajnad Misr targeting the army and the police on June 30.

13:05: A third bomb explosion detonated in the areas surroundings the Ithadeya palace. No injuries were reported and there was a high security presence to clear the area from other potential bombs

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