Arrests following Ithadeya bombings
bombings that hit areas surrounding Itihadiya presidential palace - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Six people were arrested Tuesday as police forces suspected they were involved in the bombings that hit areas surrounding Ithadeya presidential palace June 30, Sky News Arabia reported.

Two police officers died while attempting to diffuse two bombs planted nearItihadiya, others injured included the head of the bomb squad department.

Several members suspected to be affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested including journalist Magdy Hussein, editor-in-chief of “Al Sha’ab” newspaper and member of the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, CNN Arabia reported.

Leaders of “Al BenaawalTanmeya” party who are affiliated with the Brotherhood were also arrested. In a statement issued by the party on their Facebook page Tuesday evening, they condemned the arrest, stating that their strategy does not promote violence or target the state, police and military officials or institutions.

The Egyptian state has not confirmed news about capturing any suspects nor obtaining further details from the examination of security tapes.

Investigations revealed that cleaning personnel had suspected strange bodies and called the authorities.

Three bombs exploded while three others were diffused in the area near Itihadiya, reports state that other bombs were planted close to the palace’s entrances.

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