1087 Iftar meals confiscated for being spoiled in Asyut
Iftar meals In Egypt - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The General Directorate for Investigationof Supply has seized about 1087 spoiledmeals at a famous restaurant in Asyut governorate, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

The Directorate had received information indicating that 180 people from ManfalutCenter in Asyut suffered health issues after eating meals from one of the restaurants.

It clarified that the meals containing rice and chicken were expired and not suitable for human consumption.

The health ministry in its Tuesday statement announced that about 137 suffered from vomiting and abdominal pain and were rushed to Asyut hospital, after eating Iftarmeals that were distributed by an NGO in Manaflut Center, Asyut.

It added that all infected cases left the hospital except for eight cases that are still under medical care.

In Ramadan, it is common practice to distribute free Iftar meals for charity.

The last popular similar issue was in March and was also in Upper Egypt, after57 students consumed spoiled school meals at Nagaa Al- Damoky Primary School in Nagaa al-Nagar, Sohag.

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