Jihadist attacks on Sinai turned citizens’ life upside-down: eye witness
Jihadist in Arish - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: After a string attacks on Sinai by jihadist militant groups, the situation has become more dangerous and citizens do not feel safe anymore, according to several eye witnesses.

One of the girls who lives with her family in Arish and chose to remain anonymous is an eyewitness on the attacks that happen daily, especially in the area of El-Halal Mountain. It is the most dangerous area in Sinai, known to have a large number of “terrorists” with different nationalities, she told The Cairo Post.

“We are living in a deep terror of everything; I do not live near El-Halal Mountain but I can hear the fire shots all day,” she said. “We are not used to see the jihadist faces since they always try to keep themselves anonymous.”

For a long time El-Halal Mountain remained a dangerous place for those who live in Sinai but it was supposed to be a peaceful place. “EL-Halal” refers to the “sheep and cattle” by the practiced language of   Arish residents. They were used to take sheep to this area, since it is considered their only source of income and money.

After several attacks from jihadists and police forces, the residents stopped going there and the entire area became isolated from any signs of living.

“It is obvious that jihadist attack police forces regularly; in the past they were only shooting other jihadist or criminals and we knew that there was something going on but we were able to live,” she said.

“Nowadays, I feel afraid if I know I have to go to the streets for any reason. The shooting can begin anytime and for any reason. No one can say why or where but maybe all of this will become part of the past someday.”

She explained that the situation changed a little since it is not the same now as it was during ousted President Mohamed Morsi’s regime, who belonged to the Muslim brotherhood.

There were a lot of problems for the authorities before while dealing with families in Sinai since the people felt isolated from the rest of the country. Other residents in other governorates away from the capital also feel the same but hopefully the situation will change soon, she added, especially after the great loyal support that the  Sinai people have shown to the President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

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