Police leadership expected to be changed after recent events: officials
Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Security experts expect some changes to happen in leadership positions within the Ministry of Interior after bombings around Itihadeya presidential palace and an attempt of escape by  “Adel Habbara”, the main defendant in the Rafah soldier murder case, Gen. Ezzat el-Shishiny, former Minister of Interior assistant said to Sada al-Balad Wednesday.

Shishiny admitted that there is “delinquency” within the ministry regarding its policies and procedures, he also added that officers in the ministry should consider human rights when dealing with suspects, adding that financial rewards should be announced for citizens that report seeing bombs, Sada al-Balad said.

Former assistant of minister of interior Gen. Fraouk al-Makrahy said that the delinquency is not related to officers’ negligence  yet there is a shortage in facilities. He also added to Sada al-Balad that there should be cooperation between experts from the ministry and sovereign bodies to purchase modern equipment to aid the ministry’s efforts.

Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim displayed the current security situation and the security measures taken to preserve peace and announced that Itihadeya bombing suspects were caught, according to a statement made during the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Youm7 reported.

A security source told Youm7 that the suspects were arrested in Helwan and Nasr city and that they belong to “Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis”. The source added that as they were arrested, security forces found armors and explosives in their possession, Youm7 added.

Security sources added that other members of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested as well and that all suspects are now being interrogated to determine if they were involved in the bombings, Youm7 added.

Several bombs were planted in the field of Itihadeya presidential palace, which resulted in the murder of two police officers from the bomb disposal sector and the injury of 10 police members and civilians on the first anniversary of June 30, 2013.

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