July 3 live updates
clashes between security forces and MB supporters resulted in many fires and Explosions thursday - YOUM7/Khaled Kamel

CAIRO: During the past few days, The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy called, in several statements, for protests July 3 which marks the first anniversary of the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi.

4: 13 Security forces re-opened Ismailia-Suez road and traffic returned to normal.

3:58 Port Said Security Directorate: the explosion sound was the result of a dustbin falling down from a light post creating chaos.

3:38 An explosion was heard in the vicinity of Port Said’s bureau , according to eyewitnesses

3:35 A security source told Youm7 that a group of MB members cut off Ismailia-Suez road, setting fire to car tires which caused the suspension of traffic from both sides.

1:56 A bomb squad arrived to 6 October Bridge in Giza’s Mohandeseen district to inspect a strange object found under the bridge after being notified.

1:50 In a visit to Sidi Gaber explosion victims in the university hospital, Governor of Alexandria referred the manager of the hospital, doctor reception staff and nursing team to interrogation due to the poor service provided.

1:45 The Military Forces hospital in Alexandria receives four victims of Sidi Gaber’s explosion for treatment, while governor Maj. Gen. Tarek el Mahdy visits other victims who were transferred to the university hospital.

1:31 A security source from the Cairo Security Directorate told Youm7 that security forces arrested 14 MB protesters in Ain-Shams district, and they were transferred to the police station for interrogation, adding that another 14 including five girls were arrested for staging demonstrations in Nasr City. 

1:00  Security forces evacuated Agami Star Mall after finding two bombs inside the building, while the bomb squad arrived to defuse the bomb, Youm7 reported.

12:37  24 injured and two killed in Thursday’s clashes between police and Muslim Brotherhood affiliated protesters marking the first anniversary of Mohamed Morsi’s ouster, state owned news agency MENA reported Friday.

Mohamed Sultan, head of the Egyptian Ambulance agency said that Alexandria’s explosion which took place late Thursday, at Sidi Gaber railway station, caused the injury of seven and no deaths so far.

Sultan clarified that nine were injured in Fayoum clashes; four in Aswan, one in Cairo’s Gesr El Suez district, two in Giza. One civilian and one conscript also died in Helwan clashes while one civilian was injured.

On the other hand, a security source told Youm7 that one child was killed in the Alexandria explosion.

23:21 A bomb squad succeeded in defusing a bomb found in front of the house of Alexandria’s security directorate manager.

14:30 Bomb squad teams defused two bombs in al Haram Street south of Giza and security forces reinforced its presences in the area.

13:49 Bomb exploded and another was defused in Al-Montazah police station in Alexandria. No casualties have been reported.

13:38 security forces dispersed the Muslim Brotherhood protest in Haram Street after violence clashes between pro-MB and security forces.

13:19 Security forces fired tear gas to disperse a Muslim Brotherhood march in Lebanon Street in Mohandiseen district. Seven people were arrested.

13:05 a small explosion went off in Mahata (station) Square in Assyout, no injuries reported.

13:03 Pro-Muslim Brotherhood set fire in car tires, cut off the road and clashed with citizens in Sudan Street in Mohandiseen district,

13:00 Pro-Muslim Brotherhood cut off al haram street and clashed with several people who demanded the road to be open.

12:24 – The second criminal involved in the Thursday explosion of Kerdasa died in hospital.

12:15 – Security forces in Alexandria arrested 15 pro-Muslim Brotherhood for conducting an unauthorized protest.

12:11 – Security forces allow pedestrians to enter Tahrir Square through metal detector gates.

12:03 – One of the fugitives in the case known as Nasr City cell was arrested Thursday. The defendant was sentenced to death in a separate case.

12:02 – Pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters at the home village of Mohamed Morsi, el-Edwa, arranged a human shield on the main road of the village and chanted anti-army slogans

11:19 – Security forces arrested two suspects for planting explosive devices nearby the Supreme Court of Justice.

8:59 –  Armed forces closed Tahrir Square with iron barriers and barbed wires.

7:44 – Security forces closed Nahda Square in Giza with barriers in anticipation of Muslim Brotherhood protests.

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