Egypt Press Review: July 4
Egyptian Press

Youm7 press


Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab estimated the rise in energy prices from 2 percent to 7 percent only, denying recent expected estimations of 25 percent, reaffirming that Egypt’s fund for education and health is less than what its fund for energy.

The Muslim Brotherhood group and its supporters commemorated the first anniversary of the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi yesterday by planting 13 explosions in different areas in Cairo, Giza and other governorates, while two were killed in a homemade bomb explosion at an apartment in Kerdasa.

The president officially issues the law on maximum wages and sets it at 42 thousand EGP (5873.63$).

Tamarod movement to establish its political party on the first anniversary of Morsi’s ouster.

The national council for human rights refuses the abolition of the death penalty.


Al-Ahram press


Electricity and Renewable Energy Minister Mohamed Shaker announced that the cabinet agreed on restructuring electricity prices leading to the disposal of the subsidy over the next five years.

336.9 billion EGP to be invested in the social and economic development plan.

Treating urgent cases for free in public hospitals for 48 hours.

Supply Minister: initiatives to fix market prices and prevent the rise.

Al-Masry Al-Youm press

Al-Masry Al-Youm                                                                                                                                                                    

Mahalb’s government under daily observation: a committee will be formed to monitor the government’s performance and report to the president.

Explosions, road cuts and clashes with citizens in the anniversary of ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

Official: raising electricity prices on all levels.

Iraq denies the withdrawal of its troops from borders with Saudi Arabia.

Akhbar press


Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab says there are no new taxes and “our aims are to restore investors’ confidence.”

Commander of the central military region says they will harshly confront any attempts to storm Tahrir square.

Amendments on real estate taxes within days.

The stock market gains 4.3 billion EGP.

Rigorous imprisonment is the penalty for those digging tunnels around border areas.

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