Interior Ministry reveals details of Habara escape attempt
Adel Habara - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Ministry of Interior investigations report that the accused officer that colluded in Adel Habara’s failed escape attempt had ordered the officers not to put handcuffs on the defendant’s hands and to use a dilapidated Central Security vehicle instead of an armored vehicles, which are usually used to transfer defendants, Youm7 reported Friday.

Security forces foiled Adel Habara and other prisoners’ attempt to escape while being transferred from the court to prison on June 28. The ministry caught a police officer who assisted in the incident.

Habara is charged with killing 25 junior policemen in North Sinai’s city of Rafah on Aug. 19, 2013 in a case known as the Rafah Massacre.

Investigations revealed that the police officer was planning to help Habara escape and that he ordered the soldiers who are supposed to stand near the deportations vehicle to put a small and dilapidated lock on the side door of the deportations vehicle without closing it.

While being transferred from court to Tora Prison, the driver slowed down to take a U-turn and Habara took the chance to remove the lock which was intentionally left open, a source told Youm7 Friday.

Habara and the four other defendants then jumped out the vehicle without the driver noticing but Maadi residents witnessed the escape and shouted “the prisoners fled.” The source added that four masked men who were carring firearms got out a nearby white car and fired warning shots in the air until the four prisoners were able to escape.

Security forces, accompanied by special operation forces, cordoned off the scene and intensified security in and around the area for almost an hour and and half until habara was caught, found hiding behind one of the abandoned buildings in Maadi.  A central security soldier chased Habara and arrested him.

“The security apparatus are being exposed to betrayal and  breakthroughs that could lead to a recurrence of what had happened with Habara,” a source inside Tora prison told Youm7. “Habara attempted to spread chaos and riots inside the vehicle while while being deported to court; he was insulting all the officers and soldiers he had met that day.”

“There is no god but Allah, Police is the enemy of Allah,” Habara was shouting inside his cell before his attempted escape.

Habara was sentenced to death in absentia for killing soldiers in the Nile Delta last year, according to AP.

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