Bassem Youssef to “be back soon”
Bassem Youssef - YOUM7(archive)

CAIRO: Satirist Bassem Youssef announced Friday morning during a Media Forum held by Deutsche Welle in Germany, that he would “be back soon”  to continue his work, even if this requires  new ideas for different TV shows.

“The world will change one day, as our new generations won’t accept this situation to continue as it is, especially if they know well about how to use social media and internet. I’m determined to be back soon with a good content, as long as it won’t put me or my family at any risk,” he said during the conference.

Youssef hosted his first show on YouTube after the January 25 revolution, later he moved to host the popular El Bernameg on CBC and MBC.

His lampooning of former president Morsi resulted in accusations of defaming the president, insulting Islam and spreading false news at the end of 2012. In March 2013 an arrest warrant was issued and he turned himself in to police. Youssef was quickly released on bail and fined.

This June Bassem announced the cancelation of his show.

“I’m tired of the continued worries about my family, my crew and my work, if something happened to me probably I’ll be supported only with a twitter hash-tag,” he told Al-Shorouq.

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