Badie sentenced to life in prison over blocking road
Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie during his trial - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Banha Criminal Court headed by Judge Hassan Farid, and held at the junior police officers Institute in Tora, upheld Saturday the death penalty sentences for 10 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders and sentenced its former Supreme Guide, Mohamed Badie and 36 other Islamists to life in prison, reported Youm7.

The ten defendants were sentenced to death in absentia on June 7 by the Criminal Court of Shubra el-Kheima in the case known as Qalyub trial, and their case was referred to the Grand Mufti for consultation, reported Youm7.

Among those sentenced to death, was Abdel Rahman al-Bar, who was nominated during the Muslim Brotherhood regime for Egypt’s Grand Mufti in 2013.

The case involves 47 Brotherhood members, including leading figures such as Badie, former Parliamentarian Mohamed al-Beltagy, Brotherhood preacher Safwat Hegazi, and former Minister of Supply Bassem Ouda.

“Egyptian will not find water to drink,” Badie shouted during the session, Youm7 reported.

The defendants are accused of inciting murder and violence, cutting off roads, threatening public order, and resisting authorities.

In July 2013, at least two people were killed during a pro-MB march in support of ousted president Mohamed Morsi in the town of Qalyub.

Badie had already received death sentences in two other cases. On June 21, an Egyptian court sentenced Badie and 180 others to death over killing a police officer during an attack on a police station in Minya on August 14.

On June 19, Giza Criminal Court sentenced Badie and 13 others to death on charges of inciting violence during several pro-MB protests.

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