7 doctors accused of negligence causing pregnant woman’s death
YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Seven doctors at Minya Public Hospital were referred to a disciplinary trial over accusations of negligence after allegedly causing the death of a patient, Youm7 reported Saturday.

Administrative prosecution spokesman Abdel Nasser Khatab told Youm7 that the doctors did not take necessary medical precautions while performing a cesarean section operation on a pregnant woman, which caused a hysterectomy. The woman died in the operating room.

Investigations by the administrative prosecution found the doctors responsible for the tragedy. Youm7 further reported that the attorney general was notified about the incident in order to launch a criminal case.

In another recent incident, a woman died after being injected with the formaldehyde solution formalin instead of ICCM (iodine-containing contrast medium)—the radiographic dye used to scan organs.

The fatal mistake was made by a radiologist at Maadi’s Nile Badrawy Hospital, who meant to scan the patient’s ovaries, but instead injected her with the toxic chemical that damaged her internal organs and left her in pain for days before her death.

Also, on March 31, talented Egyptian scriptwriter Nadine Shams died at the age of 41 in a hospital. She initially went to have a cyst removed from her uterus, but died due to medical negligence and complications from the surgery.

Additional Reporting by Aya Ibrahim 

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