Egypt condemns “terrorist attacks” in Saudi Arabia
Saudi’s Ministry of Interior spokesman Mansour al-Turki - REUTERS

CAIRO: Egypt condemned the two “terrorist attacks” that took place in Saudi Arabia in Sharoura governorate on Friday and the Saudi border on Saturday, Spokesman of Ministry of foreign Affairs Ehab Badawy said in a Sunday statement.

Badway said the Egyptian Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the two terrorist attacks and expressed Egypt’s solidarity with the Saudi government and people to combat those who target the country’s stability.

One Saudi policeman and a Yemeni soldier were killed in an exchange fire incident with six militants on the border post with Yemen on Friday, according to al-Arabiya.

The six militants were driving an unregistered pick-up truck with license plates, according to Reuters.

Saudi’s Ministry of Interior spokesman Mansour al-Turki said during the fire exchange, three of the six militants were killed on Friday and a fourth was injured and arrested, Reuters reported.

The other two of the six were trapped in a government building on Saturday and detonated bombs in the building in suicide.

Badawy offered condolences for the death of the victims of the Saudi security officers and that they are confident that Saudi authorities are capable of defeating “terrorist” elements and eliminating them.

“Terrorism is a global phenomenon, not related to certain religion or people; it targets stability and development throughout the world,” Badawy said. “To combat and eliminate it, we must unite all regional and international efforts.”

There have been frequent border-conflicts between Yemen and Saudi Arabia; Yemen claims that the Saudi troops are moving in their borders. In May 1998, Saudi Arabia claimed that Yemeni troops took over an island in the Red Sea where there were disputes between both countries, according to several media outlets.

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