Israel air forces attack Gaza, no sign of truce
Smoke rises after an explosion in a smuggling tunnel along the borders between Rafah and Egypt, in the southern Gaza Strip - REUTERS

CAIRO: Israeli forces carried out a series of air raids in Gaza Strip on the dawn of Sunday, The Palestinian Times reported Sunday. No casualties or injuries have been reported.

The strikes were in the deserts between the cities of Absan al-Kabira and al-Fakhary, in Rafah city near Netzarim settlement, and in the neighborhood of al-Zaitun in Gaza.

Clashes erupted in the West Bank between Palestinians, who used Molotov cocktails and hand grenades, and Israeli forces in the settlement of Beit El and in Ramallah, Youm7 reported Sunday. The Israeli army stormed Wadi el-Sham in the city of Tulkarm.

Israeli forces targeted Abu Garad site in Gaza, which falls under the control of Hamas’ resistance affiliated group Kataeb al-Qassam, according to Youm7. On July 3, the group issued a press release condemning the recent incidents in which 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khder was a victim.

The situation escalated between the two parties in the past week and there were violent riots following the death of one Palestinian teen and the discovered corpses of three Israeli teens.

The Palestinian Times said the deadline for the truce set by Israel was to end on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and reports said that Egypt succeeded in reaching the agreement on July 4. BBC had interviewed a Hamas official, confirming that Hamas was ready to cease fire if Israel stopped raids.

Israel called on Hamas to halt its operations in exchange for truce. On July 3, Israel’s Defense Forces said at least 12 projectiles were fired at Israel although nobody was believed to have been injured, The Independent reported.

Kataeb al-Qassam broadcast a short video on their official website on Sunday showing a demonstration of a new rocket launch after warning Israeli commanders of a reaction in a press statement released on July 3: “Do not satisfy yourselves with our [spilt] blood because there will be revenge.”

Both Palestinian and Israeli newspaper have spoken of a possible Palestinian Intifada.

Additional reporting by Medhat Safwat.

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