New reconciliation initiative to take place between State, MB
Ahmed Kamal Abou Al-Magd - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Islamist Political Analyst Kamal Abu el-Magd finalized a new initiative for reconciliation between the current regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, reported Youm7 Sunday.

Following the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi on July 3 and the designation of the Brotherhood as a terrorist group, a number of initiatives were launched during the last period to achieve reconciliation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the government, however all attempts failed.

Amid the tense situation between the state and the Brotherhood whose members and sympathizers are now standing trial, a new initiative was drafted by Abu el-Magd, who refused to give further details about it at the mean time.

This is not the first reconciliation attempt by Abu el-Magd, as his last conciliation initiative was suggested in early October 2013, but had been rejected by MB leaders as well as the government.

In his 2013 initiative, Abu el-Magd demanded the release of Brotherhood prisoners while keeping the 2012 constitution.

Abu el-Magd told Youm7 that he will not present the new initiative to Muslim Brotherhood figure Mohamed Ali Beshr, who was part of the last reconciliation, “as it has been proven that Beshr does not have any influence on the Brotherhood group.”

“Now the government is in a position of power, while the Brotherhood’s stance is shaky…and the reason for that is the efficiency of the government and the failures of the Brotherhood,” added Abu el-Magd.

Additional Reporting by Mohamed Ismail and Ahmed Arafa.

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