Muslim Brotherhood calls for protests on Tuesday
Muslim Brotherhood protests - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Muslim Brotherhood supporters called for protests on Tuesday on the anniversary of the Republican Guards clashes that took place on July 8 in 2013 that resulted in the death of over 50 civilians and four security forces, youm7 reported.

Brotherhood sources told Youm7 Sunday that they will organize “surprise” marches at dawn towards Nasr City, Rabaa al-Adaweya, Haram, Matarya, Ain Shams, and Helwan.

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy (NASL) had called for protests on July 3 on the first anniversary of the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi through several statements.

There were protests and clashes between security forces and Muslim Brotherhood supporters on July 3 throughout different governorates.

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance called for massive “rallies to condemn the coup security forces,” calling for protests on Tuesday as “a day of rage and a new day of anger against the armed forces.”

The Brotherhood seeks to cause instability in Egypt and will exploit the Republican Guards anniversary clashes to preoccupy the public opinion about their cases, expert in Islamic movements and former Brotherhood member Tarek Abu Saad told Youm7 Sunday.

Abu Saad said the Brotherhood seeks to preoccupy state entities, especially armed and police forces, to cause instability in the country.

On July 8, 2013, clashes broke out outside the Republican Guards Headquarters between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security officers, resulting in the death of over 50 people.

Brotherhood supporters claimed that security forces attacked them while they were praying at dawn but armed forces claimed that the protesters tried to break into the Republican Guards Headquarters.

The Brothethood’s calls to commemorate the anniversary of the Republican Guards Clashes are attempts to have a larger presence in the political scene, Deputy Head of Conference Party for parliamentary affairs Moataz Mahmoud said. They have been trying to exploit any occasion to achieve political existence.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Arafa.

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