4 suspects arrested in connection with July 3 Alexandria train bombing

CAIRO: The Interior Ministry announced Monday it had arrested four alleged culprits of a train bombing that took place in a passenger car on the Abu Qir line on July 3 in Alexandria.

The explosion caused the death of a child and injured eight people.

The Interior Ministry’s statement accused the Muslim Brotherhood of inciting the four suspects to plant the bomb on the train. The suspects are Mohamed Hussein Mohamed, 26, Amr Gabr Ahmed, 24, Mostafa Abu Bakr Mohamed, 23, and minor Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim, 15.

According to the Interior Ministry, the culprits also admitted to detonating an explosive device in the passport office at Al-Montaza Police Station in Alexandria, attempting to bomb a mall in one of Alexandria’s hotels, setting a power transformer on fire, attempting to bomb power transformers in Sidi Gaber and setting fire to a police vehicle.

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