High Elections Committee to set rules for parliamentary vote July 18
The Egyptian parliament in Cairo - AFP

The High Parliamentary Elections Committee headed by Judge Ayman Abbas is scheduled to hold its first meeting on July 18 to illustrate the arrangements and legal procedures regulating the upcoming parliamentary elections as the final stage of the roadmap, a Judicial source told Youm7 Monday.

The committee aims to discuss all the procedures that would pave the way for the next parliamentary elections, the source said, adding that the date for the elections is yet to be decided.

The meeting will be attended by the heads of primary courts to determine the number of electoral circuits in Egypt’s governorates, said the source, who added that the committee will  select the general secretariat’s members and will form sub-committees tasked with updating the database. Nomination terms and conditions will be determined during the meeting, the source stressed.

In addition to that, regulations that organize the House of Representatives’ new law passed by Egypt’s former Interim President Adly Mansour on June 5,  will be reviewed during the meeting, sources added.

The new draft sets the number of elected members of parliament at 540, giving the president the right to appoint 5 per cent of the members (27 seats). Of the 540 members, 420 will be elected individually, while as many as 120 seats will be elected through electoral lists.

24 seats will be reserved for Coptic Christians and 70 for women. Egypt’s parliament also includes quotas for representatives of farmers, workers and other unions, according to the House of Representatives’ new law.

The Ministry of Finance has allocated 1 billion EGP ($139 million) in this year’s state budget for the next parliamentary election, Youm7 reported Friday.

The upcoming parliamentary elections represent the third part of the roadmap announced by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi after the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi on July 2013.

Political parties are now making arrangements to be able to compete in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Creating political powers to overwhelm the next parliamentary elections is not every party’s biggest concern.

Seeking balance would force other powers to take action in the next elections, former president candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi said in a statement. He will run in the upcoming parliamentary elections but did not announce any alignment with other parties.

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