Dostor members break away, form new Egyptian Hope Party for elections
Mohamed ElBaradei - REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

CAIRO: Dostor Party dissident members decided to form a new party called Egyptian Hope Party to compete in the upcoming parliamentary elections, the new party announced its first press statement Tuesday.

Founder of the Egyptian Hope Party Hassan Darwish said in a Tuesday statement that the idea emerged when he was a Dostor Party member. The latter party did not provide its members the opportunity to present or implement their ideas that could have positively contributed to the development of the state in the current phase.

“The new Egyptian Hope party will participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections and its members will compete for parliamentary seats in different circuits,” Darwish said.

“The party does not adopt any specific ideology as they do in other parties,” Darwsh said and that it will not support any side unless there is clear indication or evidence. They also will not oppose any side or belief unless there is an alternative.

The new party hopes to gain strong representation in the next parliamentary elections and believes it can build a civil and democratic entity through these elections since they will truly practice democracy, Darwish said.

Hala Shukrallah was announced the winner of the Dostor Party 2014 presidential elections on February 22. She succeeded Mohamed ElBaradei, who resigned as Dostor Party president in 2013 when he became vice president in the transitional government with former President Adly Mansour.

ElBaradei resigned however to protest the violent dispersal of the sit-ins in Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda that demanded the return of ousted President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo in August.

Dostor Party was founded by Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, in April 2012 with a number of opposition leaders from different political camps. The party has suffered several internal disputes amongst its members over the past few years.

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