Mousa discusses electoral alliance, political parties still considering
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CAIRO: Amr Mousa, the former head of the 50-member committee that drafted the Egyptian constitution, met with several political parties to discuss forming a new electoral alliance to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Mousa, who started calling for this alliance about two months ago, continued meeting with political parties after rumors circulated about the failure of the alliance. Political parties have not yet announced their official stances about joining the alliance or how they will run in the upcoming elections.

After the meeting, which included the Wafd Party, Tamarod Movement, Al-Tagammu Party, Al-Motamar Party and other political figures and forces, former head of Al-Motamar Party Mohamed Orabi said they agreed on forming an electoral alliance to run in the parliamentary elections that includes the political parties attending the meeting.

Deputy head of Al-Motamar Party Salah Hassaballah told Youm7 that the stance of the party on joining the electoral alliance has not been determined yet, adding that they are waiting for the party’s meeting by the middle of this month to announce their official stance and  that attending Tuesday’s meeting with Mousa does not mean that they accepted joining his alliance.

Secretary General of Al Dostor Party Yaqot el Sonosy also said that his party’s participation in Mousa’s meeting does not mean they entered the alliance, but their participation comes in the framework of the party’s consultations with political forces.

Sonosy added to Youm7 that the party will not enter any alliances until they see the standards on which the alliance will be based, adding that the party will take its final decision after its supreme body’s meeting on Saturday.

Spokesperson of the Free Egyptians Party Shehab Wageh, said his party did not participate in Amr Mousa’s meeting, adding that the aim of the meeting was to coordinate for an electoral alliance, “which does not concern the party.”

Wageh clarified to Youm7 that the party decided to run in the elections individually along with popular political figures, so “we have no reason for participating in the meeting.”

Yehia Qadry, Deputy Head of the Egyptian National Movement Party (the party formed by former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq who currently resides in the Emirates), told Youm7 that the party received calls from several political parties for forming an electoral alliance, clarifying they are currently coordinating with other parties to form that alliance.

Tarek Negedah, member of the board of trustees of the Popular Current which was formed by former presidential candidate Hamden Sabahi, told Youm7 that they will announce launching their political party after Eid-al Fitr, clarifying that they are currently working on forming an electoral alliance to be coordinated by Sabahi.

6 April Youth Movement is seeking to form an electoral alliance according to Mohamed Mostafa, the member at the political bureau of 6 April Youth Movement who spoke to Youm7 Tuesday, the movement’s endeavors to form an electoral alliance include coordinating with civil political parties to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Mostafa said the closest parties to joining the alliance are Misr al-Qawia Party headed by former Muslim Brotherhood member Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, the Egyptian Current Party, Egypt Party and Free Egypt Party.

However, Mostafa said that 6 April will only bolster the alliance and will not push one of its members to run in the elections.

Once the final draft of the alliance is finished, it will be discussed with the Road of the Revolution Front, a political movement formed in September 2013 including political forces and movements from different ideological perspectives.” he added.

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