Some Seoudi and Zad branches reopened
Zad Supermarket - Photo Courtesy Of Zad Supermarket Official Facebook Page

CAIRO: Management committee for Muslim Brotherhood funds held a meeting on Tuesday with Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab to discuss the work of the committee responsible for implementing the verdict issued by the Cairo Court for Urgent matters to withhold assets, properties and finances of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, Youm7 reported on Tuesday.

The verdict included withholding properties, assets and money of 737 MB leaders which included 81 schools and 102 associations. Mahlab emphasized during the meeting that employees and workers in these institutions are not to be harmed and that their financial dues will not be compromised because the state’s role during this phase is to ensure stopping the financing of terrorism, Youm7 added.

The committee announced that it put back on duty 60 percent of Zad markets which were owned by MB leader Khairat al-Shater and that suppliers received their financial dues. The committee is studying putting back the rest of the branches on duty to ensure employees’ rights.

As for the Seoudi Company, the committee lifted the ban on its branches in Mohandeseen and Zamalek after verifying they are not run by MB. The supermarkets are now run by the Egyptian Company for Wholesale.

Mahlab emphasized that the committee must meet with him to follow up on the procedure of implementing the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters’ verdict, Youm7 added.

Zad and Seoudi markets are owned by Muslim Brotherhood leaders Khairat al-Shater and Abdel-Rahman Seoudi respectively.

The committee tasked with managing and seizing Muslim Brotherhood funds, headed by Advisor Ezzat Khamis, decided to seize the assets of the Seoudi and Zad supermarket chains on June 15. He claimed that the chains are owned by Brotherhood leaders; Seoudi supermarkets are owned by Saudi Arabian businessman Abdel Rahman Seoudi, while Zad is owned by Brotherhood Deputy Supreme Guide Khairat el-Shater.

The two markets are among 342 Brotherhood companies under investigation after security bodies proved that the companies’ owners belong to the Brotherhood, which was banned according to a judicial ruling, head of the committee working on inventory reports of Brotherhood property Judge Ezzat Khamis told Al-Watan.

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