Lawsuit to criminalize ‘down with the military’ chant adjourned to Sept. 9
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CAIRO: The Alexandria Elementary Court adjourned Tuesday a lawsuit to criminalize the slogan “down with the military rule” to September 9, Al-Shorouq reported.

Legal advisor of the Popular Front Against the Brotherhoodization of Egypt, Tareq Mahmoud, filed a lawsuit earlier this year demanding the government to issue a legislation that criminalizes the chant “Yaskot Hokm el-Askar” or “down with the military rule.”

Mahmoud’s lawsuit claims the chant “harms Egypt’s national security” and incites violence against the military institutions.

The anti-military rule chant was widely used during demonstrations that took place in protest of the alleged interference of the military in power. The chants were heard during the aftermath of the January 2011 when the Supreme Council for Armed Forces (SCAF) took power following the toppling of former President Hosni Mubarak.

The word “Askar” or “military” referred to the mercenaries which does not apply to the Egyptian army that took the side of the Egyptian people during the June 30 and January 25 Revolutions, said Mahmoud in his lawsuit.

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